I applaud Linda for being such a great agent!

Linda was a amazing person to have on our side to find a place to live. We moved from Los Angles to the Detroit area and had little knowledge of the area. We were already taken advantage of with another agency that took our information and money for a application and didn’t give us a response if we were accepted to rent the house. We finally had to call their main office to find out we were rejected and they gave us no reason of why we were rejected…. This makes you feel like they are just collecting application money and not even looking at your paperwork.. Linda took us under her wing and had at least 10-15 houses for us to look at and was so timely and responsive that we wondered if she ever takes a day off! I not only recommend Linda but I applaud her for being such a great agent. Give her a call and you will see why she deserves this 5 star rating! – Tara & Joel

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