Modern may be trendy but what about classic and vintage? Not everyone has the same taste, and if old homes are your thing, there definitely is one out there for you! However, there are some items that you should keep in mind before taking the plunge. As an Accredited Buyer’s Representative (ABR®), I have worked with a variety of buyers and I know that we will find your dream home. Please let me know if you have any questions!

Nostalgic But Rational: Things To Know Before Buying An Old House by Helen Sheplyakova. Copyright © 2013 Realty Times®. All Rights Reserved.

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Tips for Getting a Mortgage


It’s always good to shop around and finding a good mortgage is no different. Here is a great article with some tips. If you are looking for some recommendations to some good mortgage lenders, I would be happy to pass them along your way. Just email or call.

How to Shop Around for a Mortgage

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Halloween: Pumpkin Carving Tips


There’s no bigger Halloween tradition than carving the pumpkin. (Granted, kids may disagree.) Actually, this annual event goes back centuries here in the US, as Americans are believed to have started carving pumpkins in the 1800s, following European tradition.

Traditions aside, though, these gourds sure tend to be messy, and they also can be a challenge to maintain. So give yourself a treat: follow the 5 tips below to make your pumpkin-carving experience easier—and enjoy the holiday to the fullest!

– See more at: American Life Style Magazine

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Downpayment for a Home: Creative ways to save some cash

This article is very interesting and creative with alternatives to finding money for your home purchase.  The world is ever changing and these ideas are on point.

Visit for more articles like this.


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Buying or Selling a Home: Market Conditions – May 2016

Many consumers are questioning, “Where are we in our housing recovery? At the middle? End? Or are we even heading towards another bubble?” Let’s take the “bubble” question first.  The potential bubble is rooted in the strength of the overall economy and housing leverage (mortgage balances getting ahead of home values). The indicators we watch for in terms of core economic factors can be evaluated based on the following questions: “Are jobs and household income growing?” For Michigan, “Are auto sales still strong?” “Is consumer confidence and spending still strong?” “Are there international or other factors that could slow the general economy?”  The answers to all of those questions are “yes” at the moment, save the international or “other” factors, which present as a wild card for the US, and the rest of the world as well (the silver lining in Brexit is even lower interest rates).

Michigan is still one of the top states in terms of economic activity and there are few current economic factors that could cause a housing slowdown for the next 12-18 months (just international issues and the Presidential election). Read More…

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Buying or Selling a Home: Market Conditions – April 2016

All, March finished with a nice flourish of activity with pending sales (new contracts written in March) up across all price points compared to last March. The pace of new listings entering the mar…

Source: Southeast Michigan Monthly Market Update for April 2016 by Dan Elsea

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Buying or Selling a home: Market Conditions 2016

The mild winter weather has helped boost both the number of homes sold, as well as the number of new listings entering the market.  However, if you are looking in the price range of $150,000 or less you’ll see great competition with multiple offers on properties and frustration in finding a home.  This year there are 20% fewer homes to choose from in this price range as compared to last year.  continue reading…

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