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Buying a home is more than just finding shelter… its about your lifestyle.  Take time to think about what features are most important prior to searching for a home.  Do you need more space?  Do you have a hobby?  What is a typical day for you and how do you currently use your space?  How can you improve your lifestyle?  Having experience designing living spaces, I can easily assist in assessing your situation so that you find the best home possible.  Other areas I will assist in:

  • finding financing so you are ready to take action when the time is right
  • providing access to the greatest number of home choices.  I use traditional resources for finding active listings but I also target co-op agents and other hidden properties that may not be on the market yet.
  • education on the market to help determine the best price and competitive advantage so that a purchase offer can be strategically constructed balancing price and fair market value.
  • protect your interests when negotiating and presenting offers.  I will uncover the non-negotiables of the seller and build value with the seller’s agent.
  • make your purchase seamless and hassle free.  I am committed to managing the details and eliminating problems before they arise. I will communicate with you weekly and clarify processes so there are no surprises. I have a “call back now” policy guaranteeing you a speedy response.
  • guide and never pressure.  I will be your trusted adviser and will consult, educate and guide versus sell or pressure — your best interests are always my top priority.

No one will work harder for you then I will — GUARANTEED!

What would you like to learn more about? 

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