Small Kitchen – Big View

by Linda Raveau


Detroit Loft

City living is all the rage these days and Detroit is loaded with opportunities.  Having been born and raised in Detroit, I have seen the City go through many transitions and I’m really enjoying being a part of its redevelopment even if it’s in a small way.

This is a recent design project I worked on with a young professional working downtown that just purchased this condo in the Lafayette Towers.  It was a blank slate with lots of potential and challenges … the kitchen was very claustrophobic and totally enclosed.  It had an odd window cut out that peered into the living room.  Not sure if the original plan was so you could talk to those in the room or to capture a glimpse of the main view which was this monstrous view of the river front.



Well… the wall must go!


Detroit Loft – Removed Wall to expand Kitchen

By removing the wall, the space was immediately united to the view and although the new peninsula extended into the living room by an additional 35 inches, the space was more engaging and free flowing.


Detroit Loft – Peninsula

We also partially recessed the refrigerator into the closet behind to allow for additional room to move about when cooking and prepping. The countertops are quartz with a glass/stone combination backsplash that runs the full length of the wall as seen in the first photo.


Detroit Loft

In the bathroom (click to see image) we designed a walk-in shower with a custom glass surround and seating.  The room was tiled from floor to ceiling for easy maintenance and to expand the space.

So if you are looking to remodel your home and have an awesome view to the outside, don’t be afraid to knock down that wall…  it just might be the right choice.

Detroit Loft




Note:  The living room is still under construction and once completed I hope to share how that beautiful view integrates nicely with the kitchen.

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